A downloadable Horror Video Game

The Curse of the pool or SSCFAP1

> The Curse of the pool is a game getting developed by HashVOLTing.  The game demo will be released this winter.

>The curse happens after you touched the water from your the abandoned pool. The water.

> The game has an integrated command console that can activated by clicking "F9" on your keyboard. This console can be used for various glitches/cheats or experiments. In the process of developing the entire game, "We" or "I" will list all the comands right here: > Hash VOLTing Console 0.1<

>>>Important notes:<<<

  1. This is a horror game. Not intended for children under 12 years! Play/Use this at your own risk!
  2. All the textures belong to their respective owners.
  3. 90% of the sounds provided by Freesound.org

Development log


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